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tv   [untitled]    March 17, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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been done before the transit project was even proposed. you put the bus before the horse. the other thing is this is not a poor agency. you have put out money for the central subway, for barber coast to promote this project which is not popular with the public and bike lanes, and you also have a lot of 6 digit salary staff out here, lots of them. you've done nothing really to address the disabled and handicap. they're expected to walk a quarter of a mile to the bus. sometimes on hilly areas. now, why isn't the public health department active in this. did the plan hes ever walk these long walks. i don't think they did. i think they looked at supply and demand and they didn't
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think in human terms. muni should serve everyone. no one should be traded off. everyone is entitled to equal service. you have not done this. everyone is a human being who rides the bus. you have not treated us as human being, you're unpopular with the city and you know it. thank you. >> next speaker. >> patrick. linda. eva chow. >> good morning, linda, i would like to endorse everything that i read in this gentleman's paper and heard. tep did outreach a few years ago at public meetings i was at. i haven't heard of any since. but if you see a meeting posted on the night you can't go and the other one is in hunters point, it would take you hours by bus, you don't get to do it. i have seen nothing in the newspaper.
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chronicle has sketchy information, maybe i missed the examiner because sometimes they're not in the box. there's nothing in here. how would you expect people to get this information on off the website. i don't have a come computer and my friends don't and i have to go to the library and you get an hour and you don't know to look it up if you don't know it's happening. i hear there are changes about the three and 27 and so on. maybe they're okay but i don't know what they are. at one point you were talking about removing the three. knoll hill is 20 percent great just like the fisherman car coming up. you were talking about eliminating the three. it's eight blocks between the one and 38. it's even dangerous coming downhill if people are disabled or elders, you don't pay any attention to them at all as this other gentleman
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said. it's the bicyclist coalition or those who want to get to the beach faster at the expense to those who need service. we can't afford to have our bus stops spread further and further apart. maybe there's one on each block. they don't need to have that. four, five blocks apart is ridiculous. knoll hill did data and 65 percent didn't have no vehicles so we're dependent on transit and people have to drag groceries and children and we can't afford to have our lines eliminated. thank you. >> is patrick -- no. eva chow. evelyn, betsy.
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>> good morning. >> good morning. >> does this work. can you see it? good morning. my name is eva dhou and -- chow and i live in the neighborhood for years. i understand why muni wants to move the bus stops, past intersection to reduce the bus times behind the red light, the rest of the suggestions at bus [inaudible] by removing the street space for extending of the bus ball, it
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will create new problems to the use of the streets which is currently not an issue. as you can see, the street where they want to add the bulb extension will take away -- will extend the sidewalk which is never crowded. and add another 6 feet. this sidewalk is already 15 feet wide, which is three to six feet wider than normal sidewalk. and this space is never crowded. i understand if you're addressing why you want to extend the bulk in china town where there's lots of retail spaces, you want it do that but here it's not an issue and secondly the bus stops without the extension of the bulb is long enough to -- for three buses to
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gather behind one another. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> evelyn followed by betsy and lilly king. >> good afternoon. >> hello, i'm evelyn and i live at 121 miguel street and i want to talk about the rerouting of the 35 and down miguel street. i totally support saving the loop that goes around the row income in our neighborhood but i think it would be disaster. i've lived there for 32 years and i've reached an increase in traffic coming up miguel and down miguel street has become a through way from mission to diamond and at rush hour, it's jammed with cars and because of the growth of neighbors in the community, parking has now taken place along that
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street as well. i've observed the experimental ride of that rerouting, and the bus was stalled for quite a while and couldn't make the turn. it was difficult. there were cars coming up. it's a disaster and i hope tep will reconsider and continue the bus up roland and back up on matejo and going down arlington. i know that miguel has gotten overburdened with traffic. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> betsy followed by lilly king, and then gene. >> good afternoon. >> good morning, i'm betsy and i'm president of the diamond heights community association. i'm here this say our board supports the alternate for the 35 bus. we feel the service to the loop
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resident needs to be preserved and we do see that the best alternate route to go to bart is down miguel street and we support that to bart street. we learned that muni was proposed to to delete that service to resident along bemi and addison and that serves close to 300 units of affordable housing and they depend on that to get to schools. so i want to thank muni for listening and we a meeting from the diamond heights in october and over 80 people attended and kennedy was there and gave a presentation at tep and half of the people opposed
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and it's wan innovative thing that tep did. at the had a new route proposed and that was on february 21st. muni invited the resident that live along the route to test the bus and that was great. they got feedback that way. this week our community presented 165 letters of support for the alternate route to sean kennedy, so we want to thank muni for listening and coming up with the alternate route. >> thank you. >> hello, good afternoon. my name is lilly king, i'm here to talk about the 36 terrace. it's to improve reliability and reduce travel time and improve customer service, deliver more efficient service, to realign to better serve customer. these objects do not apply to the
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forest knolls community neighborhood. and eliminating the 36 through knoll is denying the public for public transportation. the 43 does not really service the community, the neighborhood, if you look at the map in terms of the neighborhood cut, it looks clean, and the elevation is very steep, and i'm sorry. and there is a thousand foot elevation difference which means the 43 and 44 inaccessible to the knolls resident. and there is a new development that was built and approved and they had an err that said it was going to
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continue. they would need to go back to that community and readdress that issue. and the only thing i want to mention too is in terms of the -- i think it could be streamed line better without eliminating the service in the neighborhood. so i would hope -- it must be routine. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speakers. >> good afternoon. >> my name is gene and i'm a rez of knolls and i want to oppose 36. i'm a former member of the 2011-12 grand jury with we talked about muni about eliminating our
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cutting back on switch backs and you have done that and i haven't been dumped off a bus recently so it must have been decreased. when i bought my home in the early in the 1990s knolls and i knew it was there. it comes every 30 minutes. i probably should have worked longer because i need money for taxis ever where i go. if i go to a doctors appointment or volunteer efforts. my work on the grand jury, that would have taken a lot of taxi money to get off that hill. now i'm retired and it's too late for me to work longer, so what
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do i do and how do i increase my income to take taxis and as you know taxis don't like to come to this neighborhood because they feel like it's out of this way. i want to thank you for listening and i hope you'll reconsider and there's lots of families and older people that are depending on your decision. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> walter, christine, kif. >> i'm walter and next door neighbor to gene and i don't want to beat this issue into the ground but i'm here on 36 also. i can summarize what the 36 is about. forest knolls is a planned community of almost five hundred homes built in the
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early 1960s and runs between uc med center and laguna. there are eight streets in our little neighborhood. it was developed with a wider warren drive for bus service and they built stair wells to correct the residential. the first and last trips of the day were eliminated to try to accommodate better efficiency. and we all agree to that and when we had a meeting with the 7th district supervisor community outed san francisco state, there was no opposition to the 30 minute head ways. nobody has objected to that. this is a transit first city.
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we all support transit first but we don't want to take our cars. we want community service to continue on this route, the 35 and the other routes. this bus serves homeowners, elderly, housekeepers, families and school kids and commuters. your people have been good about talking to us, but they never asked to meet with the community organizations and if they had we would have met them just as they did with regard to the 35. but please do not take away this 36 bus. it's critical to this neighborhood. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> christine and maria. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, thank you so much for listening to the forest
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knolls. and i'm president -- i would like to take a moment to say some of the recommendations that you are using for the cut backs are based on the ridership for the line. i question the accuracy of these ridership monitors when i'm on the bus literately every night, i use it every -- i'm a rider of the 36 every night between 8:30 and 10:00 due to my strange work schedule and i'm on the bus between 8 and 15 at late hour and the school children using it everyday it get up to clendon school and the elderly coming to our community and those using it on the rainy days that they can't walk or take a bike or on the days with there's an event in the park. you is see the ridership. there's standing room on the bus when there's an
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event at golden gate park because you can't park down there during the event but if you want to attend, how do you get there, on the muni. i've been riding the bus routinely over that time period. even at a time period when it was going up warren drive when it was originally proposed waste in gas. the loop that they're proposing to take out would make the 36 go back on its self down a hill where there are no resident on that portion of clandon and keeping it on a street that serves knolls but serves the mount woods community and the university up at the top of the hill and to a certain extent some of the twin peaks.
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>> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon speaker: good afternoon. my name is bender and i'm here to say that i fully support the alternative version of the 35 having it run down miguel. i ride the 35, i live at diamond and 27th and i ride the 35 from there to currently be mossett where i would walk to bart. the other option is for me to walk seven blocks down or maybe it's less to catch the 28. i'm 13, i don't know if i want to be hanging out on bart on my own. i just want it say i fully support the extension and i did this the other day where i got off on moffette and walked to
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the bart station at glen park. getting from my mom's house to my dad's house, my dad will drive us from bernile heights and he'll drive up miguel and i know at least when we drive it, there's almost no cars on on it so i do have to say that i think that it's not quite as busy as some people have said. the other thing i'm here to talk about is the 43. i'm in 8 grade. i'm about to be in high school. the stop is across from bay high school. and i would take the 43 and did would be great for all the students for those at that school. i do have to say at lumbar and lion, the senior home, that's important to keep service there. i like
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the alternative it having it go down letterman and extend to the transit center. thank you. >> thank you. >> maria, jared. >> thank you. my name is maria and i'm here to speak about the elimination of the 36 terrace cita and my family has lived there. we encouraged him to not use the car and walk two blocks to walk to the bus to run his errands that he wants to do independently. as previous speakers have said, the blocks are steep and increasing the walk for him is going to make it difficult and it's going to encourage him to continue to drive which we do not want him to do so. and i
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don't think our story is a unique one. there's been many people talking about the hardship for the seniors but having lived in san francisco all my life, i i think it's important to think of the resident. if you eliminate them, you're telling them to use only cars and that is antithetical to our transit first policy through out the city. finally, i've been listening to all the remarks and i think it's deceptive to say that you're increasing services if you can do so by eliminating public transit in other parts of the city. we want our city to be fully invested into muni by using it and supporting it in bond measures and by eliminating public transit to
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entire neighborhood, you're taking them there's no transit for you. it's transit nothing for you. thank you. >> next speaker. >> is mrs. silk here. jerald, todd perish. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, my name is silk. i'm here to eliminating the 6 from the hill to ash bury heights. i enjoy taking muni and i want to continue to enjoy taking muni and this is the only bus that services our neighborhood. so that means that the elderly, disabled are going to have to hike up the hill from hate street, how is that problem going to be solved. there is no direct route. there would
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always have to be a transfer. so what are you going to do about the school kids that has to transfer in a less than desirable neighborhood. the revised proposal of the 43 coming up, that's a diesel bus, what are you going to do about the environmental impact into our neighborhood and last i want it say that supervisor breed, our supervise has gone on record as opposing this. keep the six coming up to frederick street, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> carol followed by todd perish and then randel. >> i'm a resident of oakland. i hate to say how long about, but in the mid 1970s i was apart of the bart study which was the
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muni adjustment to fit bart. that was a popular study because even though muni lost revenue, it also cut cost because the downtown lakes were replaced with cross towns. i was asked to do the second study which was bigger called the palm study. i was the director of the muni marketing study and if this case muni got into it a big way. the financial and manager said, if you want to add service go, ahead but you cut it some where. it had to be equal. in your case it's not that way because you're restoring service that was cut so there has to be increase in cost. i want to point out there was a huge amount of cost discipline imposed upon on back then. i don't think your planners knows the cost effect of this. another one which i'm reminded because of what i've heard today, field work. we
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did a youth -- we did a huge amount of field work. they had talked to the individuals out there and they knew about some of their feelings, so none of it planning by map, it was actually field work. so that's important. and comprehensive and someone mentioned rauf, one last point, i have a distinct feeling this philosophy of moving things that was busy was done because there's a theory that's going to help more riders, but a lot of people moving into these rights are rich. the people you're cutting off are the ones not so wealthy. >> thank you.
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>> randy. patricia. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, sir. does this project my photo from my cell phone. >> sfgtv will make the adjustment. >> i didn't expect to come here today, so this is rather impromptu. i'm a resident for 12 years. the proposed 27 bryant bus that has proposed to go down lavenport and takes a left doesn't impact my property and run past my property. i do have concerns for the neighborhood. it's mostly low density, two to three story family area. the current route goes down pacific which is -- has a lot of commercial stores and shops as
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well as automotive shops and large apartment buildings that run from pacific down lavenworth and so on. it serves large apartment buildings. one of my biggest concerns and the reason why the current prohibition against tour buses and vans of passengers of eight or more or vehicles over three tons is because of the broadway tunnel. it's something that just occurred to me sitting in here. i think it might be size macly something that should be explored. thank you. >> next speaker. >> randel and then --
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>> i've worked with you on the sub-committee for years and one of the things that's coming up in the mac is these tep changes. they were in favor and one of the ones that came up with the 718 route and one thing i want to point out as a public member, west lake shopping center is a proposal for the 17. one of the things about the 17 and west lake that's really unique is west lake is a very ada friendly shopping center. west lake center is flat and have good path to travel, stores contained within one area and it's a great shopping center for those with disabilities and i talked with staff and i'm going to say it, please consider rerouting the 17 and getting it to west lake and consider things like moving the 18 to the daily bart. the 17 is great for those with
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disability and mobility impairments to be served and it need to be considered. i put on the over head the contact for the muni stuff so people -- people have contacted me directly. please, anybody listen, contact tep through their contact information and let them know if you support going or not going to west lake. we're hearing a lot of feedback and we're going to talk about it at our meeting. >> patricia. >> good afternoon. >> patricia concerns the 43 sonic. we approve from the sketches we saw but we with like to see final drawings so make sure they don't get changed, but we approve of what they've proposed. also the the
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seniors got this signatures they want to put in. what disturbed me about this case is i ride that bus. i can't get up the hill. sometimes i can walk and sometimes i can't. idea i could not, but interest yesterday i could not. it did not say anything about taking away the 43 that stop. last thursday a new sign came up saying they were taking away that stop. it caused a lot of anxiety, concern to the neighbors, to the center and this center has been apart of our community. low income, and they keep talking about the rich marina. we've loved these people for years and we've worked with them


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